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Carry on Clagging 4- Out of Stock
Carry on Clagging 4 features Deltic 22 and another 100-plus locos from 21 different classes, hard at work on Britain's private lines. Once again we visit a number of railways and locations previously unseen in the Clagging series as well as the old favourites. Sit back and enjoy Britain's heritage in spectacular action! Approx 90 minutes

Highlights Include: D5217 blasting out of Shackerstone; D5054 re-starting on the Heywood incline; 26007 on the Swanage Railway; 27024 at Lakeside & Haverthwaite; 31108 at Corfe Castle; D7612 at Totnes; 31271 at Ferry Meadows; Deltics 55002, 55015 & D9019 at East Lancs; 47292 in old & new liveries; 50015 on East Lancs; 45060 at Swanage; the Mid-Norfolk Class 47 day with 47580 & 596; North Star at the West Somerset; 50042 at Boscarne; 50019 back in traffic; 'Warships' D832 & D821 on East Lancs; 40145 in action; Class 44, 45 & 46 at East Lancs; D8142's last run at Llangollen; 73129 at Glos & Warks; 20s at K&WVR; D9513 at Embsay; 20118 at South Devon; Class 14s on West Somerset; D123 high-speed tests on GCR; rail blue 37109; 33102 at Churnet Valley; 37418 returns, but is severely out-clagged by 37425; 33053 at Ropley; 37905 at Alresford; 37248 on GCR(N); 33002's South Devon debut; the hybrid 'Wes-Mek' D7076; 37294 at Embsay; D7017 on West Somerset; unusual pairings include 37152 & D8, 73210 & D8069, and 56098 & 33019; Deltic 22 at Swanage and K&WVR; D1062 at Minehead; 56040 at Dereham; 9016 on East Lancs; 56097 at GCR(N) . . . not to mention 26001, D1023, 37518, 47640, D306, 37906, D6515, D9523, E6003, D8188, D335, 37901, D444, D1524, 45112, 47270, 25059, D5600, 33063 and a host of others! BONUS TRACK: Six minutes of noise and clag from the autumn 2008 Shackerstone gala. Sorry - Out of Stock

Code: RDVCG4