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Carry On Clagging 5- Out of Stock
The Carry on Clagging series continues, with the usual mix of locos in fine form on Britain's private lines. Over 105 heritage locomotives from 24 different classes provide claggy and noisy entertainment. Highlights include: The first start-up of Class 15 D8233; Deltic 16’s last run before donating its engine to 55022; triple-headed 50s & triple-headed Grids; first preservation run of 47765 and D8059; 56101 and 33s at Swanage; action from Tenterden bank with D9504, D5401 & D6570; a selction of Slug rackets; a 25 and a Deltic both partnering steam; Running Time: Approx 88 minutes.

Also includes Bo’ness action with Classes 20, 26, 27, 37 & 47; 37264 at Sterns; a newly-repainted D1501; the wandering 26007; a whole host of Class 20s; D7076 putting out its usual clag; D9009 on high-speed wagon tests (very claggy); 46010 back in action at GCR (N); D212 sounding great at the MRC; Peaks and 47s at the Mid-Norfolk; a Grid special with stunning quantities of clag. There's also 20154, 37227, 50008, 31271, 33053, 20118, D2325, D9513, 47580, 45112, 31119, 50019, 37109, D5185, D182, 20048, 14901, 33111, 45060, 37248, 26024, 33103, 47640, 20087, 31101 and many more . . . plus, of course, a selection of Western action.Sorry - Out of Stock

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