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Diesel & Electric Blue 3- Out of Stock
Diesel & Electric Blue 3 takes another nostalgic journey back in time to the days of corporate BR Blue livery in the 1970s & '80s. Locomotives from eighteen different classes feature on a fascinating variety of workings . . . and there's even a rare shot of a Tinsley 'humper'! Highlights include: 40197 at Ipswich on Bathgate-bound cars; Stratford 47s on Norwich expresses; a pair of 25s on an oil train at Crewe; a 25 at Reading; a pair of Grids on a stone working; 50031 & 024 paired up on parcels; a 47 towing a failed HST; a Class 128 parcels unit; 37s on Freightliners; a split-box 45 on an MGR; on board 55003's Merrymaker tour from Sheffield to Carlisle, which also features 84003; a 47/7 on diversion at Hellifield; DC EMUs - Broad Street Class 501s, Merseyside 503s and Hadfield 506s

a Class 85 on the Manchester Pullman; a 40 on a Freightliner at York; Peaks on passenger; a white-cabbed Crompton at Clapham junction plus an ex-works 33202; 73130 on empty stock at Clapham; Deltics at York; 37223 at Cardiff; Class 85s on freight and Class 87s on passenger; Peaks at St Pancras in the early 1980s; a 37 on nuclear flasks; 76s on the Woodhead . . .and the Class 13 mentioned earlier. All this and plenty more will keep you entertained and bring the memories flooding back. A detailed and entertaining narration is provided by David Maxey. This DVD also includes motion menus and scene selection. Approx: 66 MinsSorry - Out of Stock

Code: RDVDE3