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GM Free
From Visions International, GM-FREE goes on the hunt for locomotives of 1950s & 60s vintage that can still be found operating on the main lines of Britain . . . and the variety is stunning! Includes footage of Deltic 55022 on the GBRf Alcans - both North Blyth to Lynemouth trains and Fort William to Mossend. Written & Narrated by David Maxey. Approx 80 mins.

The DVD is split into bite-size chunks: Real Freight - including 37s on flasks, 47s on Colas steel trains. Moving Stock - 20s on London Underground stock, 47 and 37s with Cargo-Vans and a 73 at Peterborough. Paying Punters - 20 and 47s on East Anglia passenger trains, DRS 47s on the 'boat train' and Northern Belle, including a reliveried 47790, 55022 on its recent trip to Kyle, 37/6s storming through Scout Green Networking - Yellow 31s, 37s and Network Rail's Class 73 in action. Loco Moves - A superb variety of locos towing locos, including a green 31 towing a green 40, 37s & 20s moving from Eastleigh. ECS - A selection of ECS moves hauled by a 37 with a 'Hall', a 33 with a 37, DRS 37s & West Coast 47 combo on the Lickey and finally The Alcan - The programme closes with an in-depth feature on the most astonishing workings of the 21st Century with 55022 on daily freight action.

Price: £ 19.95